SEGIN Supporting you businesss


If you believe that the only way to succeed in the industrial market requires an increasingly rationalised and optimised production system, you will need an information support that enables you to make the best decision at all times.

SEGIN software is that support; it is conceived and developed to meet the industry’s requirements. By having an efficient implementation and an effective service that considers your evolving management requirements, will help you to control, grow and make your business more profitable.

We share our over twenty years of expertise in a continuous quest for excellence in industrial management systems.

• Can I provide for urgent orders?
• What is the optimal sequence of my production orders?
• How can I store, process and manage bill of materials, production routings and stocks?
• Shall I buy it? How much do I need to buy?
• How much is my production worth?
• How much do you think it would cost? How much did it cost?
• How much shall I charge for it?
• How much profit am I making?
• Can I improve the results without increasing costs?

Our implemented Production Management solutions, which are based on our SEGIN software, address those questions and more.


SEGIN is the company behind the development of SEGIN software - solutions for planning and controlling production, collecting production data, monitoring in real time, supervising and analysing performance.

With 25 years of expertise in information technology, the company’s success is the direct result of the extensive knowledge of its customers’ needs and vision.

SEGIN’s team enjoys a long tradition and strong presence in the Industry sector, which has given them a significant presence in various sectors, helping companies to maximise their profit and make informed decisions.